Package Creation in ‘R’: Series 1

An R Package is a collection of R codes or USD (user defined function) available to users anywhere, anytime. R Packages extend the capability of R and helps you achieve much more from this tool beyond the basic functions. This first series tutorial explains how to create your own customized package in R.

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Framework for Web Analytics Tool selection

There are many web analytics tools available, ranging from free to very expensive. Selecting a tool that meets the needs of your business is obviously the first step you must take. There is a set of basic functions included in virtually every web analytics tool. Sometimes it might look as if all of the tools have the same kind of features but in reality every tool has a different user interface and a set of distinct features. So now the question arises as to how to decide about the selection of a particular tool for analyzing your website.

Here I won’t be giving any numerical method to get a solution to the problem, but will outline some guidelines to help you select the best suited tool for your website.

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Installing Multiple Google Analytics Tracking Codes

Your first reaction to this title is evident. Why would you, a good follower of Google’s principles, use two tracking codes? Now that sub-domain tracking and Cross-Domain tracking are available, you can direct data across sites to one single account. Given below are some scenarios where using only one tracking code doesn’t work:

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An Emerging Miracle: Native Advertising

How boring a life could be, without advertisements?  We never lived a life like that – without advertisements!  So drop the thought and accept the reality that ads are omnipresent, whether it is on TV, Radio, Internet or Hoardings.

The digital space is always a luring factor for all new age marketers and they have always been in search of new techniques and actions that could stick customers to the brand.   First, it was display advertisement and customer interaction. Then the tiny era of content came in. Pumping out contents which are “good” and letting netizens to share and take up the propagation was another recent style in social media. Some marketers still do and it may work, but advertisements are now reaching a whole new level.  Advertisements are re-cooked well, especially in digital marketing. Now, there is a new dish on the plate – Native Advertising.  So what does it mean?

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My experience with DABC 3: Gearing up for the future!







It is good to have desires. One will be overwhelmed with joy when those materialize. I felt the bliss when I was selected by Nabler-The Digital Analytics Company. When I took the decision of a horizontal shift to the digital marketing arena from an entirely different field, the passion and the will to explore the exciting, new-generation marketing styles were the only things which fueled my run.

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Our First Week at DABC:All Highs, No Lows!

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It all started out with a warm welcome into the new training room, called the ‘Hero’s Square’, built specially for the ‘Boot Camp’ applicants. There were 11 unknown faces at first but we all gelled so well in just a …

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Are your Outbound Links stealing your Visits?

Most modern websites associate themselves with their partner pages on Facebook, twitter or just an associate site by having a prominent link or a banner on the page. Ever wondered if these outbound links are taking the visitors away from your site. Those visitors could have engaged a little more or might even get converted instead of just going away to the other site and never coming back?

Here is an easy step you can implement using Google analytics and check if the visitors who click on those external links ever come back or not.

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Setting up Data Filters in Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to segment traffic data so as to get better insights for your website. GA filters can be created for different parameters so as to easily segregate traffic to get a better understanding of referring keywords.

In this post, let us learn how to create different types of filters.

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Identifying and Measuring common Website Errors

Recently when I was going through a survey report I found a very interesting observation, the most common response to the question “Reasons for not completing an online Task” was either the ‘Website is slow’ or ‘Broken hyperlinks’. So, I thought of finding a solution for these problems and came out with a guideline of some important measures to take.

There are many types of errors that can happen, but not all of them can be traced with the help of typical web measurement tools alone. Here are a handful of the most common ones that can be tracked:

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Migrating from ExcelClient to Report Builder

The first question that would come to the mind would be “Why to migrate from ExcelClient to Report Builder in the first place?”

To answer this question, let me put forward few of the advantages I have had using this amazing tool.

Omniture SiteCatalyst Report Builder from Adobe is called an ‘Intuitive tool’ for a reason.

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