How Effective Is Your Landing Page?

Improving the stickiness of your website, especially the landing page is real important for your business. This online face of your business needs the right cosmetics, so that your visitors DO NOT take their eyes of it. So follow this easy and effective checklist to spruce it up right now.

It’s not about ME but the Customer

The most repeated yet the most ignored catch. Let me repeat and put it up here, this is SO important, you absolutely cannot ignore this. No matter how big you are, you can talk about yourself later, first address the emotional/business need of your prospects in your landing page.

Credibility factor

No matter how good your product looks, it’s the credibility of your product and service that wins. You may get a few people who will obviously try it out but most prospects would like to hear it from someone else or someone that they can relate to. So stamp your genuineness and quality with some emotional and logical testimonials, awards, celebrity endorsements, and so on. This will go on to make a huge impact and rake in more business. So put up a space for this in your landing page.

Call for action

If you miss this you miss the whole action, your entire effort to keep the visitors glued to your site should culminate with a call for action else the whole point of retaining them gets lost. While designing your call for action steps, bear it in mind to keep it as simple, quick and as easy as possible. We all need more prospects and customers, right?


Keep an eye on your site design, do not over burden it for the eyes. Too many flashy stuff, multiple points of focus, unrelated benefits, more choices and multiple call for actions may confuse your prospects, too many stars in your home team may spoil the complete team effort. So be careful with your design, short and smart is the key.


It’s the easiest and most powerful way to get your prospects into your zone. You can offer a free trail of your product or service for a minimum period and seal a permanent place in the minds of your prospects. Later on, with this opening you can slowly convert them into your full time clients. So get this done in your landing page, do not make them look for a trial.

Let the content speak for you

Most businesses fail to gauge the power of well written content for their websites. You have to rope in professional copywriters here. They sure will add that jet fuel to your content and make it more compelling and mind bending. DO NOT settle for self-written content which looks good but may severely lack the copywriter’s techniques and panache to suck your readers in.

Put up a great support system

In business you have to sell your product twice, the actual sale and the support which happens after the sale, this is where you truly sell your product. After sale support seals the customer’s faith in you. So show a good amount of stuff or support services that make your prospects seek you, and only you.

Now it’s your turn to act

Yes, start with this small but effective checklist and make your website more attractive and sticky.

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