Launching ‘Omniture Discover’ without logging on to ‘Site Catalyst’

Do you spend lots of time analyzing data with ‘Omniture Discover’? Are you tired of keying in your username and password every time you login to ‘Discover’?

Launching ‘Discover’ application after you login to your ‘Site Catalyst’ account is time consuming. We all know that if we log in from ‘Site Catalyst’, you are automatically logged in to ‘Discover’. But what if you are not logged on to your ‘Site Catalyst’ account? What if you don’t have the ‘Discover’ URL provided by your ‘Omniture’ admin? Can there be an easier way to access your site data?

Every time the Java files you download are executed it asks for a password to authenticate. Does seeing the below message frustrate you every time you open your ‘Discover’ account?

Here’s the Solution to the problem

1. Select the ‘Discover’ file and Open it with a Notepad or Notepad++.

2. Once you have the file opened in Notepad or Notepad++, scroll down till you see your company name and username. The sample code is shown below.

3. Let’s concentrate on the highlighted argument “token”, this is the key solution to the problem. You need to replace the token argument with password, once you update your password in the source code you can automatically login to ‘Discover’ without keying in your password over and over again.

Here’s the code after the replacement:

4. After these changes are made, save and close the file. Now open the file with Java Web Start Launcher and you are good to go.

So here you are…Happy Analyzing ! 🙂

Note: Recommended only for Personal Desktops or Laptops.

Please consider this solution if and only if you’re the sole user of the system on which you are implementing the above mentioned process. If the ‘Discover’ file you have edited is found by some external user, they can easily know your username and password.

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