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This is an extract of an article with interview of Nabler’s CEO Seby Kallarakkal with Shanti Anne Morais of mediabuzz.com.

The World Wide Web is home to millions of online businesses that compete against each other for top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page ranks. So what sets your business apart from your competitors and what will attract users to visit your website or search engines to rank your site at the top? Before planning your SEO campaign you should have a fair understanding of your targeted online audience and how they navigate the web – i.e. web analytics. By aligning your website to improve the user experience as a result of web analytics, you’ll also increase your SEO.

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Motion Chart in Excel

– Contributed by Kamesh M

We all know that using a Bubble Graph one can show three different dimensions of data i.e, X-axis, Y-axis and the Size of the Bubble to represent an additional dimension of information for the given time period. With a small set of data this may not prove beneficial but is pretty much helpful to visually represent a large segment of data. It gives a quick impression of how the large data relate to each other in terms of for example volume, position, placement, etc among many other possibilities. All that saying, it however shows only for a certain defined time such as for a week or a month of data.

The same bubble chart can however be tweaked at large to show how the relation continues over a moving time range – say across the three months in a quarter or across twelve months in a year, which is better known as ‘Motion Chart’. And all that using the very common MS Excel itself. When the data has to be shown for different time periods using the same graph it could become a bit challenging. The idea is to show how the bubbles change with time or say any other dimension. In simple words, this can be done by using a scroll bar that would allow control the progression or the change.

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We are Hiring! Business Development Manager

We are looking for a business development manager (BDM) to take our web analytics services to customers and partners. This person would be responsible for new customer acquisitions as well as building a network of partners.

Job Specification
Our ideal candidate would be:

  • – From the digital marketing industry
  • – 2 plus years experience in sales and marketing
  • – Proficient in networking, especially through channels like social media
  • – Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • – Experience in building partnerships

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Page Views per Visit – Is it misleading?

– Contributed by Deep Moni Hazarika

It’s so much a ritual now to find out the depth of a page or website. How different is it to say rhyming with “death of a page or site”! Fear not. Depth or alternately called Page Views per Visit is says how deep inside your site did a visitor go in a regular visit. However do note that its Average Page Views per Visit that we are more likely to look at. This is a figure we more often than not don’t avoid calculating, to add that “extra piece of valuable information”. A greater depth of visit for a content generation site would mean a “Wow!” but the same for a support related site would mean “Oh no! I gotta bring it down”. So, reactions differ depending on the nature of the site.

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WebTrends report exporter for a ride

– Contributed by Mukesh Sharma

Numbers numbers numbers… where are the metrics??? Where are the reports??? Can i have the reports by noon? …demanded one of the managers.

It was a tense morning, not the first time though! It got even worse when we wanted to “export reports” from our trusted WebTrends. Now, so what if the report extractor is not working and throws up an error which analysts like us don’t understand?

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Data Overwhelmed

– Contributed by Deep Moni Hazarika

The presence of the internet as we see it now is more than a decade, though it took time to become a dependency in many matters – be it corporate presence, buying and selling online, news matters, hobby and what not. In this short span of time however, what happens to websites which are relatively grand dads or an elderly to any website which went live in the very recent present? First thing that came in my mind about them was whether they are able to generate the same level of interest to their visitors as before or not. In all probability, if they survived for long, then they sure have got something. Next thing then hits me is how much of visitor behavior data they will be having now. Think about sites of NASA, FBI, etc. which dates back as much as to 1995-’96.

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Adobe to Acquire Omniture

With the last we heard about Omniture, we now know that Adobe Systems Inc. is all set to acquire Omniture Inc. for a whopping $1.8 billion. The deal, said to have been mutually agreed upon by both the companies on a fully diluted equity-value basis, will help Adobe offer better user interface solutions to its customers. As the two companies join hands, Omniture’s web analytics and optimization technologies would complement Adobe’s content creation tools and help the company deliver effective web solutions across all digital platforms. This is good news for Adobe’s customers as they would now be entitled to receive more in terms of value creation. As from the web analytics point of view, would this mean more and more creative media sites and agencies would vie for Omniture than Google Analytics? Only time can tell.

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Web Analyst Job, at Nabler Web Solutions (Location: Bangalore)

Company Profile:
Nabler is India’s first pure play web analytics company. We are looking for web analysts who are excited about analytics and the Internet. We analyze data for some of the best brands in the world and work on a range of tools including Site Catalyst, Coremetrics, WebTrends, ClickTracks and Google Analytics. The selected candidate will get an opportunity to work directly with the customers. He or she will get a chance to analyze not just web data, but a mix of traditional and online media.

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Answering Daily Questions Using Advanced Segmentation

– Contributed by Anish Jacob

“Can you confirm that there is no overlap between the organic search traffic and the paidsearch traffic reported in Google Analytics?”
This was the question posed to me by a client recently…

I immediately turned to the Advanced Segmentation feature of the tool. I quickly set up three custom segments as follows:

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Viralheat: Trending the Social Web

– Contributed by Robin Browne

Recently got like a beta invite to Viralheat.com. They describe themselves as,

a “simple and an affordable way brands, agencies, marketers and content producers to monitor consumer generated content on social networks to identify key trends, understand community engagement and perform competitive analysis.”

A rather tall order that. In the beta phase you get to create 3 profiles. Unfortunately, the snag begins here. Each profile is a single keyphrase. Which Viralheat then uses to track content across the social sphere. But, a single keyphrase per profile? I found this incredibly limiting. At the very least, you would like to specify a series of rules to define the profile.

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